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Developing an Educational Evaluation System
The Dominican Republic
August 2001 – September 2002

Carribean MapThe government of the Dominican Republic has made significant efforts at reforming a long-neglected education system. Education reform efforts have resulted in higher preschool and primary school enrollments, increased public awareness of the need to improve education, improved teacher capacity and compensation, a new curriculum, more textbooks, and greater equity. To build on this progress in reforming the education system, the government of the Dominican Republic needed technical assistance to put in place a reliable system for educational evaluation and monitoring.

BEPS provided assistance to the Dominican Republic by advising on how it could improve the educational system’s capabilities to monitor educational quality, enhance its cost-effectiveness, and probe the nature of educational opportunities afforded by the system. This technical assistance involved analyzing data collection at the Ministry of Education, interviewing actors in the education arena, producing a report, and encouraging dialogue to establish consensus around priorities. BEPS designed a national monitoring and evaluation system, scheduled for implementation in 2003.

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