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Evaluating Private Sector Support of Public Education
The Dominican Republic
October – November 2001

Carribean MapThe Falconbridge Foundation is a nonprofit organization established by the Falconbridge mining company to promote integrated, sustainable community development in the Dominican Republic. This foundation has been supporting public elementary schools in the Dominican Republic for more than a decade. USAID/Dominican Republic sought to research and document the Falconbridge Foundation program as a model private sector effort that supports traditional public education.

BEPS team members conducted two related activities to document the Falconbridge Foundation’s school support program. A BEPS research team reviewed project documents, conducted interviews, and visited program sites to determine the replicability of the Falconbridge model and to identify ways to improve the program’s impact on public education. In collaboration with UNESCO, the BEPS team also tested representative samples of children in reading and math and compared their academic performance with children from non-Falconbridge schools, though no statistical difference in performance was found.

The BEPS team also identified and summarized the benefits of the model to the mining firm, the school system, and local communities. In a follow-up activity, the BEPS team explored how the Falconbridge model could be expanded throughout the Dominican Republic and used to harness private sector support to improve public education in other developing countries.

As a result of this activity, the Falconbridge Foundation and USAID/Dominican Republic received recommendations for improving the program model and guidelines for replicating the model in the Dominican Republic and other Latin American countries. Findings were shared with corporations and ministries of education throughout the LAC region.


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