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Documenting USAID’s Progress in Education
July 2001 – August 2002

World MapWhen USAID determined the need to document its extensive activities in the field of education, the impact of its interventions, and the trends addressing the challenges that educational development faces, BEPS was asked to provide support. The BEPS team helped to distill and comprehensively present the broad scope of programming the agency has addressed.

USAID: Progress in Education, 2000-2001, was produced and published with an accompanying CD-ROM, Overview of USAID Basic Education Programs. The package of products provides a summary of USAID’s recent contributions to basic education, including a review of the importance of basic education to stable societies, the services that USAID provides, and global progress as it relates to educational access, equity, quality, and literacy. The package also contains statistical information on USAID education programs around the world.
Authors reviewed USAID policy documents and compiled statistics from UNESCO as well as USAID’s Global Education Database and Demographic and Health Surveys. In addition, the team worked closely with USAID missions and regional offices to gather the stories that comprise USAID’s history addressing basic education around the globe. The end product provides a comprehensive cross-section of the diverse educational assistance and impact USAID programming has made.

USAID: Progress in Education, 2000-2001 is available on the Web at:


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