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Angola literacy classroom
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ALFALIT/Angola – Literacy Evaluation
April - May 2004

Angola MapaIn 2002, USAID awarded a cooperative agreement to Alfalit International, a faith based nonprofit, to implement adult literacy activities in Bolivia and Angola. BEPS was asked to evaluate the Alfalit Angola program, which was conducted in April/May of 2004. A consultant team conducted a three-week mid-term evaluation in Angola of Alfalit International’s adult literacy program. The evaluation, which included over two weeks of fieldwork in Luanda, addressed how the project is progressing and how it can be improved during this phase and of the USAID cooperative agreement and through FY2006. The research answered three questions posed in the Statement of Work and, in so doing, focused on performance objectives explicit in the Cooperative Agreement and the subsequent Amendment between USAID and Alfalit International.

Alfalit activity in Angola has attained impressive accomplishments in mobilizing teachers and supervisors, in recruiting students and gaining access to facilities, and in distributing books and materials. Nonetheless, as currently implemented, it is not sustainable programmatically, nor is it having development impact on any scale beyond the individual. Nonetheless, given the current deficits and constraints, the project is not achieving the projected large-scale community impact and it is not sustainable programmatically.

The means to strengthening the program is not through expansion—either numeric or geographical. Alfalit will only focus on quality and create the conditions for impact and sustainability if given the mandate required to rethink its goals and methods. USAID can be of greatest help by insisting on performance and programmatic accountability, and by sharing both its concerns and its institutional know-how with Alfalit International. Similarly, Alfalit should be given qualified external assistance, Alfalit should develop a strategic plan, a detailed monitoring plan, a revised organization chart, and job descriptions for all professional employees. It must then retool its database to serve as an instrument for management and accountability.


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