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Assessing Early Childhood Education
September 2003 – January 2004

East Asia MapUSAID/Bangladesh appealed to BEPSS to conduct three studies that would provide guidance to the development of a strategy for donor assistance in the education sector. Along with an assessment on the use of time in schools and madrasah education, USAID/Bangladesh solicited an assessment on early childhood education.

This study assessed the state of early childhood education in the country, with an eye to strengthening the overall USAID understating of early childhood development, education and advocacy. The study analyzed what is needed and what is available to prepare vulnerable and disadvantaged children physically, mentally, and socially to learn at school. The final analysis details childhood indicators, a day in the life of an early child, an analysis of the policy framework, and available resources and learning materials, and the emerging trends in early childhood education.

Taken along with the other two studies, the assessment provides information and analysis needed by USAID to identify effective strategies, activities and entry points for education assistance in Bangladesh.


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