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Other projects around the world:

Providing Technical and Management Assistance to the BEPS Activity
February 2000 – February 2006

World MapUnder the Basic Education and Policy Support (BEPS) Activity, the core project management contract provides an overarching mechanism through which Creative Associates provides the management capability to support USAID’s efforts to provide basic education and policy support to USAID missions and bureaus worldwide. Under this activity, BEPS core staff facilitate the timely and effective implementation of BEPS activities through three major tasks: by serving a general support and advisory role for USAID in the area of education, particularly basic education and policy analysis; by conducting specific interventions, including policy appraisals/reviews and dialogues; through short-term training activities and events, pilot programs, feasibility studies, and workshops and seminars; and by providing the administrative backstopping and technical management support required for BEPS and its associated task orders.

To date, the core management mechanism has supported numerous activities. Some of these activities have served as springboards for longer-term initiatives and/or continuing collaborations with USAID missions or bureaus.

Asia/Near East

  • Afghanistan: Promoting Dialogue on Curriculum Development
  • Afghanistan: Convening Development Organizations to Coordinate Food For Education Programs
  • India: Identifying Alternative Education Program Strategies
  • Macedonia: Evaluating OTI’s Confidence-Building Initiative
  • Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Brazil: Integrating Education into a Comprehensive Child Labor Prevention Strategy
  • Haiti: Assessing Needs in Support of Public/Private Partnerships in Education
  • Dominican Republic: Designing a Monitoring and Evaluation System for Education Quality


  • Burundi: Assessing Options for the Reintegration of Ex-combatants
  • Democratic Republic of Congo: Identifying Education and
  • Reintegration Needs for Demobilized Child Soldiers
  • Egypt: Assessing Education Policy Reform Needs
  • Kenya/Sudan: Assessing Teacher Training Center Needs for Sudanese Refugees
  • Sierra Leone: Assessing OTI Activities Supporting Reconciliation and Reintegration
  • Uganda: Assessing Complementary and Nonformal Education

Global Issues

  • Children with Learning Disabilities: A Policy Dialogue Addressing the Challenges of Learning Disabilities in Developing Nations
  • Education Partnerships: Researching Basic Education Support
  • Education Access and Quality: Coordinating the USAID 2001 Human Capacity Development Workshop, “No One Left Behind: Increasing the Reach and Quality of Education”
    USAID Involvement in Basic Education: Documenting USAID Progress in Basic Education, 2000-2001
  • Language of Instruction: Developing a Language of Instruction Policy Database
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