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Human Capacity Development Workshop
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Disseminating Education Options for Underserved Populations: Coordinating the USAID Human Capacity Development Workshop
April – August 2001

World MapUSAID's Center for Human Capacity Development collaborated with the National Institutes of Health’s Child Health & Human Development Department to sponsor the biennial Human Capacity Development Workshop for USAID missions and country representatives. "No One Left Behind: Increasing the Reach and Quality of Education,” reflected legislation introduced by President Bush and built on discussions at the World Education Forum in Dakar, Senegal in 2000.

Held in Bethesda, Maryland from August 20-23, 2001, the workshop addressed traditionally underserved groups and factors impeding their access to education. Sessions highlighted impediments experienced by girls; those orphaned by the HIV/AIDS pandemic; unemployed youth; child laborers; those suffering from physical and mental disabilities; ethnic minorities; demobilized youth and adults; and children in conflict situations.

The BEPS team assisted USAID in selecting nine conference themes: basic education and education for all; economic growth and workforce development; HIV/AIDS; the USAID Global Development Alliance; information technology; abusive child labor; human capacity development and training; higher education partnerships; and education in crisis situations. The team assisted in identifying a group of leading presenters speaking to these themes for the cross-disciplinary sessions, which included expert interventions, cross-sectoral panels, plenary sessions, discussions, media presentations, coordinated exhibits, and other displays.

As a result of the sessions, USAID staff based around the globe gained valuable insight into the most critical challenges to education and human capital development. The sessions will allow them to better address impediments to those populations who have difficulty gaining access to education. Compact discs of the session presentations were disseminated and a summary of key discussion topics and recommendations related to each of the nine themes is provided in the workshop summary, “No One Left Behind: Increasing the Reach and Quality of Education.”


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