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Philippines: Improving Educational Access and Quality in Conflict-affected Areas
September 2004-August 2005

East Asia MapOnce heralded as one of the best education systems in Southeast Asia, the education sector in the Philippines has deteriorated in recent years due to an economic downturn, rapid population growth, and, on the island of Mindanao, ongoing violent conflict. As a result, the Muslim and indigenous peoples of Mindanao suffer from poverty, alienation, limited education and training opportunities, and poor prospects for employment and economic advancement.

In order to improve education and to support the peace process in Mindanao, USAID/Philippines designed the EQuALLS Project (Education Quality and Access to Learning and Livelihood Skills) with four objectives: increased community-based formal and nonformal learning opportunities; improved teaching of reading, English, math, and science; reintegration of out-of-school youth into a peaceful, productive economy; and institutional capacity building for policy reform. BEPS is working closely with USAID/Philippines to implement project activities in Mindanao and to help coordinate substantial resources leveraged from public-private alliances of civil society, mass media, and the corporate sector. BEPS is also collaborating with its partner SEAMEO-INNOTECH to implement this groundbreaking project.

It is hoped that improved prospects for education and employment will help Mindanaoan communities--after decades of conflict--achieve their aspirations for tolerance, economic growth, and peace.


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