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Yemen Educational Assessment and Implementation Plan Development
April 2004

Asia MapPrimary education in Yemen faces serious difficulties, including inadequate school buildings, low qualification of teachers, shortage of teaching and learning materials, and weak community involvement and regional shortages of teachers, especially in rural areas.

The USAID program in the education sector is focused on improving basic education, especially for women and girls in the five remote and underserved governorates targeted by USAID. The program has three categories: (1) enhanced access to quality primary education in the public sector; (2) increased literacy and numeracy opportunities at the community level; and, (3) improved public sector environment for education.

In 2004 BEPS was tasked with assessing and developing an implementation plan of activities under category 3 above: improved public sector environment for education with a particular focus on how USAID can support the Ministry of Education in its effort to decentralize and strengthen education administration, management, finance, and planning at the governorate and district levels. As USAID/Yemen’s education program will focus on much needed improvements in education in schools and outreach to out-of-school children and illiterate adults, programming under category 3 will be limited and, therefore, highly targeted. Work and programs are to be consistent with USAID’s Development Principles, be developed for the defined target area of USAID’s five governorates, and will include increased capacity of the Ministry of Education to plan and meet the education needs in these localities.


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