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Bulgarian Human Trafficking Ad
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A common sight in Bulgaria; a taxi advertises an offer for young girls to passengers.

Combating Human Trafficking
January 2003 - present

Bulgaria MapThe town of Ruse, Bulgaria, on the border with Romania, lies along one of Eastern Europe’s most popular human trafficking routes. To serve this population so heavily affected by trafficking, five local Bulgarian NGOs are teaming up with BEPS on a pilot project using education to combat child prostitution and trafficking in and around this border city.

The project, launched in January of 2003, aims to raise youth, parent, teacher, and local authority awareness about the dangers of prostitution and trafficking. The project also seeks to improve the retention of economically disadvantaged students, particularly ethnic minorities, through teacher training and summer programs, and to provide vocational training, job counseling, and life skills classes for at-risk youth. The development of a model for the collection of data on child prostitution and trafficking is also being considered.

The Women’s Alliance for Development, the Step by Step Program, the Society for Neglected Children, the Open Society Club-Ruse, and the United Nations Association are collaborating locally on the project.

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