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Combining Sustainable Agricultural Development and Basic Education to Combat Child Labor and Trafficking
April 2002-present

Africa MapIn April 2002, the BEPS child labor team completed a planning analysis that identified NGOs that could assist in designing integrated child labor strategies to be funded by international donors.

USAID Africa Bureau’s sustainable agriculture section requested assistance in creating a framework integrating child labor into the Sustainable Tree Crops Program (STCP), a USAID-funded public-private partnership that seeks to raise the income and quality of life in cocoa-producing communities. Child labor is a predominate challenge in cocoa and cashew production in countries where STCP is active. The request has led to collaboration in Ghana that brings together sustainable agricultural development and basic education.

The BEPS team designed interventions addressing indentured servitude and trafficking of children into cocoa production and is working with CARE Ghana and Lintas, a local NGO that does HIV/AIDS social marketing, to launch a radio social marketing campaign in Ghana. The emphasis is on developing functional literacy. A life skills/literacy curriculum will be written in the context of agriculture, using audiotapes, textbooks, and training tools. The team will focus on the communication of social messages to raise awareness and on providing a training of trainers program. The program aims to teach best practices in management and identify problems. Social messaging will focus on the difference between abusive child labor and child work, and will educate children, their families and the general public about the dangers of using children to perform hazardous tasks, worker rights, occupational safety and health, and HIV/AIDS.


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