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Conducting a Planning Analysis to Develop Intervention Strategies for Abusive Child in Ghana
April 2002

Africa MapIIn April 2002, the BEPS child labor team conducted a planning analysis to examine child labor in Ghana, identifying the factors that influence children’s participation in education programs, and the programs and activities already in place that address the needs of working children. The team also worked to develop feasible pilot project intervention strategies to provide educational opportunities to working children in Ghana, especially those involved in abusive forms of child labor. The team identified NGOs that could assist the Sustainable Tree Crop Program, a USAID-funded public-private partnership that seeks to raise the income and quality of life in cocoa-producing communities, in designing integrated child labor strategies to be funded by international donors.

With an eye to developing educational and other intervention strategies for children in abusive labor situations, the analysis was conducted predominantly in the cocoa industry. The results have led to the development of a pilot project in Ghana, which seeks to combat abusive child labor through the development of a life skills/literacy curriculum. The program includes audiotapes, textbooks, and interactive training tools, as well as a child labor, worker safety, and HIV/AIDS radio social marketing campaign in Ghana.


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