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Honduran Child Laborers and Families
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Providing Education to Honduran Child Laborers and Their Families
October 2002 – September 2003

Central America MapIn April 2002, the BEPS child labor team conducted a planning analysis to examine the level and extent of child labor in Honduras, to determine the factors influencing children’s participation in education programs, to identify the programs and activities in place addressing the needs of working children, and to develop feasible pilot project intervention strategies to provide educational opportunities to working children in Honduras, especially those involved in abusive forms of child labor.

As a subsequent activity, BEPS launched a one-year pilot program to reach the children of migrant worker populations through education facilitators who live and travel with the migrant families and will conduct afternoon interactive distance education classes using the EDUCATODOS program framework.

A supplemental work activity booklet will be produced to provide awareness regarding child labor and occupational safety and health education for children laboring in fruit and vegetable production, salt production, and harvesting of fish and shrimp. The workbook seeks to portray simple messages to youth susceptible to pesticide exposure, heat stress, and other work hazards that pose severe long-term dangers to their health and safety. Job risk analysis of work activities and pre- and post-testing of the workbook will be conducted to determine the efficacy of the materials.

At the project’s close, an evaluation to glean lessons learned and best practices for children working in these occupations will be conducted comparing knowledge increase and learning gains among targeted children.


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