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Using Education to Combat Abusive Child Labor
Ghana, Honduras, Ivory Coast, Bulgaria, Nepal
September 2000 – ongoing

World MapChildren remain among the most vulnerable populations in the world. More than 300 million children between the ages of 15 and 17 are economically active. More than 100 million children work in hazardous situations or conditions. Eight million four-hundred thousand children are involved in forced and bonded labor, armed conflict, prostitution, and illicit activities. Drawing from a rich history designing and implementing basic education activities tailored to the needs of populations, USAID wished to play a prominent role in addressing child labor issues. The agency engaged the BEPS activity to design and implement innovative programming utilizing education as a driving force to combat child labor.

The BEPS Education to Combat Abusive Child Labor Activity aims to provide technical, management, and program assistance to USAID missions, regional bureaus, and organizations to combat abusive child labor throughout the world. Using basic education as the principal intervention, ECACL combats abusive child labor situations by providing technical assistance and advisory services; facilitating program planning and coordination; conducting applied research; organizing conferences and workshops; implementing pilot projects; and developing information networks and dissemination systems.
This activity integrates and coordinates child labor activities with USAID’s ongoing and planned mission-level programs in democracy and governance; human rights; health and nutrition; education; environmental management; economic growth; agriculture; HIV/AIDS; women in development; and other sectors of socioeconomic development. The BEPS team has launched pilot projects in USAID’s four geographical regions: Latin America and the Caribbean (Honduras), Asia and the Near East (Nepal), Europe and Eurasia (Bulgaria), and Africa (Ghana).


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