Basic Education and Policy Support Activity (BEPS)

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Basic Education and Policy Support (BEPS) Activity

The BEPS activity operates through both core funds and buy-ins and has a five-year spending ceiling of $65 million.

Core Funding
A limited amount of BEPS project funds are available for policy appraisals and assessments, technical training workshops, conferences, workshops, and the design and implementation of small-scale pilot projects, feasibility studies, applied research studies, workshops, and evaluations. Requests for assistance will be accepted through February 3, 2006.

Buy-in Funding
Through BEPS, missions and regional bureaus can channel their own available funds towards locally-designed activities in basic education and policy support. Buy-in funding may require securing a Modified Acquisition and Assistance Request Document (MAARD). Pending funding availability, each request will be considered based on its capacity to contribute to USAID strategic support objectives and each Mission’s strategic objectives.

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