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Other projects in Afghanistan:

Convening Development Organizations to Coordinate Food for Education Programs Afghanistan
February – April 2002

Asia MapThe civil war and desperate humanitarian situation in Afghanistan have severely limited human capacity development over 23 years, decimating the infrastructure and education system. International and local Afghan NGOs worked on the ground over many years, organizing emergency response mechanisms for supplying food.

To support and build on the early efforts of Afghans to restart education in Afghanistan, the participating agencies desired to link the emergency food response with steps to effectively rehabilitating education in Afghanistan. The BEPS team joined with the World Food Programme (WFP) to conduct a three-day workshop, Food and Education in the Reconstruction of Afghanistan, held February 17-20, 2002 in Islamabad, Pakistan. The workshop addressed the need for the transitional Afghan government, donors, and NGOs to establish mechanisms to facilitate direct dialogue and improve coordination. The workshop provided a forum for these development partners to share their educational support plans for 2002, ensure effective coordination with other donors, and specifically address how food distribution could be linked to supporting education. Workshop participants resolved that it was desirable not to focus on food-assisted education exclusively, but to also address long-term needs with the Ministry of Education and more specifically, what would happen following the transition out of emergency food aid.


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