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Promoting Dialogue on Curriculum Development
October 2002 – January 2002

Asia MapAfghanistan’s education system has suffered under more than two decades of occupation, civil war, and repressive regimes. Access to education was drastically restricted, particularly for girls and women, who were denied the right to education under the Taliban regime. While, over three decades, efforts at curriculum development yielded useful progress and published materials, Afghanistan is working in its current post-conflict
context to systematically develop a new curriculum that meets
the needs of the populace.

To address these needs, BEPS teamed with the Ministry of Education and USAID/Kabul to conduct a five-day workshop entitled Sharing Perspectives on Curriculum Development in Afghanistan. Ministry of Education officials entered into dialogue with fellow government officials, teachers and NGOs active in education programming in Afghanistan. The workshop provided a forum to discuss the proposed new curriculum framework developed by the Ministry of Education.

The workshop provided invaluable feedback for the MOE on its new curriculum framework. Workshop participants concurred that the framework should build on national and international experiences in curriculum development and that the program should be compatible with the values and needs of Afghan society, as well as with regional and international standards. Workshop participants expressed concern over the economic resources required to meet education needs under current transitional conditions. Additional recommendations included: teaching national unity throughout the curriculum, basing the curriculum on a system in which students revisit concepts at several different grade levels, and supporting anti-terrorism and anti-drug policy goals. The workshop marked a significant step during which the government of Afghanistan, the Afghan people, the donor community and nongovernmental organizations actively collaborated to rebuild Afghanistan’s education system through curriculum development.


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