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Education in Crisis Situations
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Education in Crisis Situations

In its work in education in crisis situations, the BEPS team strives to address, instill and put into practice enduring values of respect, trust, equity and social responsibility. This resolve signals a commitment to cooperation and collaboration in efforts at reconstruction, education and economic and social prosperity from local communities to national governments.
After years of conflict and oppression in Afghanistan, BEPS provided a forum for the first national meeting on education in Kabul after the fall of the Taliban. The Curriculum Commission and other Ministry of Education officials, NGOs and provincial participants will gather in Kabul to discuss curriculum reform and teacher-training needs. During 25 years of conflict, NGOs and grassroots actors provided education programming in the absence of government support. In this time of rebuilding, the Ministry of Education has requested the assistance of BEPS as it aims to restore oversight and work toward a vision for the future of education in Afghanistan.

BEPS Activities in Crisis Situations

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