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Evaluating a Democracy Building Initiative
December 2002 – March 2003

Macedonian MapThe Macedonian transition from communism to capitalism brought political instability and disorganization, affecting social structures on several levels and leaving a fragile state of peace. USAID’s Office of Transition Initiatives began working in Macedonia to develop local self-governance structures designed to reduce ethnic and political tensions among communities through citizen participation in community decision-making, transparent local government collaboration, and increased citizen access to balanced information. A quick-disbursing community stabilization program awarded grants to local communities, civil society organizations, local NGOs, local government, and media outlets to address pressing issues at the community level that impede integration.

In collaboration with the Office of Transition Initiatives, BEPS conducted an evaluation of the Confidence Building Initiative. The BEPS evaluation team conducted detailed interviews with the help of various stakeholders including project staff, grantees, USAID staff, and Macedonians working on conflict resolution and civil society issues.

The evaluation offered a number of recommendations including strategies for a continued emphasis on women’s participation, transparency, responsiveness, and accountability in local government. The results of the evaluation will be used by the Office of Transition Initiatives to guide future program implementation in the second year of the activity, and follow-on stages of the initiative.


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