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Somaliland Teachers
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Improving Schools, Mobilizing Communities, and Supporting Female Teacher Trainees in Somaliland
November 2003-July 2005

Africa MapBased on the outcomes of the BEPS Somalia education sector assessment, USAID designed an education program strategy. This strategy identified how available resources would be used to support education activities in Somaliland, the Northwest Zone of Somalia. BEPS has assisted in implementing this education program in Somaliland.

BEPS worked with interested parties in Nairobi, Kenya and Hargeisa, Somaliland starting in November 2003 to find out how USAID's input into the education sector could complement current donor efforts. The BEPS team is working with USAID on an education program focused on improving schools, bringing more women and girls into teaching, and mobilizing community support for these efforts. BEPS has also worked directly with the teacher training college in Hargeisa to help form a board of directors and put financial management systems in place. The current program has school improvement plans in place in 15 schools across three regions of western Somaliland: Toghdeer, Sahil, and Awdal. Community mobilization is in motion in these communities and the program is working with community education committees at each of these schools. School improvement includes building pit latrines, providing additional classrooms, securing school furniture, and/or supplying school materials, depending on the local need. In addition, communities have helped identify 20 female scholarship recipients who enrolled in October 2004 at the Somaliland Teacher Education College in Hargeisa under this program.


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