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Conducting an Education Sector Assessment
Dominican Republic
May-August 2000

Carribean MapOver the last decade, educational reform activities in the Dominican Republic have resulted in an increased enrollment rate, a reduced dropout rate, and greater access to education for low-income children. Nonetheless, Dominican education lags behind countries with similar economic conditions and remains a challenge, particularly for children in rural areas. The need to encourage civil society’s commitment to improving public education, increasing public and private sector investment, and strengthening the social capital of families and communities to promote civic participation in education reform remains. Policies are needed to improve teaching and education outcomes, increase equity, strengthen the education system’s management capacity, ensure accountability, and increase the participation of civil society organizations.

The BEPS team conducted a comprehensive assessment of stakeholders’ perceptions of policy issues and identified unmet needs in order to develop a discussion paper on USAID’ s potential role in helping to enhance the Dominican Republic’s education sector. Potential policy agenda items and civil society partnerships to strengthen the sector, were identified. Interviews and group discussions were held with decision makers/policy makers in Washington, DC as well as with representatives from USAID/Dominican Republic and civil society.

The BEPS team helped USAID/Dominican Republic in establishing a policy agenda for the enhancement of the education sector, harnessing the capacity of all stakeholders.


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