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Education Sector Assessments
September 2001 – July 2002

Bangladesh MapBangladesh has been in the process of reforming its basic education system since 1992, resulting in an established curriculum, textbooks, and functioning teacher training institutions. Urgent needs remain, however, including teacher training, the establishment of a student assessment system, improved attendance, more access to education for disadvantaged children, and improved mechanisms for education management.

In response to a request from USAID/Bangladesh, BEPS conducted a series of assessments to assist the mission in understanding the challenges to Bangladesh’s basic education sector and in assessing potential entry points for basic education assistance. Extensive interviews were conducted with representatives of donor agencies, NGOs, and the Ministry of Education to determine the themes and issues most pertinent to basic education in Bangladesh. The BEPS teams shared their research findings in five final reports, which provided an overall examination of basic education in the country, an assessment of gender equity in education, an analysis of teacher training (formal and nonformal), a review of NGOs as the deliverers of basic education, and a review of the role of government agencies in education. A sixth report constituted an internal document of recommendations for USAID/Bangladesh regarding future education sector activities. These assessments were highlighted as model processes for conducting sector reviews.



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