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Addressing the Needs of Children with Disabilities in Developing Nations
World Wide
November 2002

World MapFinancial and resource constraints in the developing world often mean that the special needs of students with disabilities go unmet. This results in millions of children not having access to the education that will allow them to grow socially and intellectually.The BEPS team responded to these needs by initiating a roundtable dialogue to explore policy and strategies related to the challenges of meeting the needs of those with learning disabilities in developing nations. This dialogue brought together participants with broad experience, representing a range of development and education organizations.

The policy dialogue focused on achieving practical outcomes, identifying specific problem areas and examining proposed solutions. Participants addressed the scope of the disability issue, current institutional disability policies, and the immediate and long-term outlook for these issues. One proposal explored the provision of locally produced audio textbooks for students who are blind, visually impaired or otherwise reading handicapped.

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Meeting Summary of “Educating Children with Disabilities in Developing Nations: A Roundtable Dialogue”

Roundtable Dialogue Agenda

Roundtable Dialogue Attendees

Concept Paper: Audio Textbooks for the Reading-Disabled

Concept Paper Summary: Audio Textbooks for the Reading-Disabled

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