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Developing an Education Strategy
El Salvador
December 2000 – May 2001

Central America Mapbasic education access and quality improvements in El Salvador through three projects: Social Sector Reform (1995-2000), Strengthening Achievement in Basic Education (1992-1999), and the Education Systems Revitalization Project (1986-1992). As a next step in the improvement of El Salvador education system, BEPS was asked by USAID/El Salvador to assist with the development of an education strategy for 2003-2010.

BEPS reviewed key Salvadoran, USAID, and other donor studies supporting basic education activities in El Salvador, and interviewed ministry of education officials as well as representatives from leading Salvadoran institutions involved with basic education. BEPS then identified major constraints to and opportunities for improvement in access and quality in formal and informal basic education. BEPS pinpointed critical areas in which USAID’s future educational investments could best mitigate rural poverty in El Salvador and identified key parameters for a basic education strategy.

BEPS technical assistance resulted in a country-specific strategy, which addressed education for all ages and target populations. The strategy incorporated early childhood nurturing and stimulation, teacher training, school/community partnerships, professional capacity development, and equity for girls and women, rural poor, and the disabled. Also included were positive social values and rural income-generating activities. The education strategy was presented to USAID/El Salvador and El Salvador’s Ministry of Education for incorporation into the next phase of educational planning.



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