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Building Capacity to Improve Access to Education by Vulnerable Children
September 2002 – October 2004

Asia MapWith an eye toward becoming increasingly involved in the education sector and building a relationship with the Ministry of Education, USAID/India embarked on an effort to provide technical assistance that would result in a phased blueprint for USAID action in the education sector.

In 2001, USAID/New Delhi enlisted BEPS to conduct an education sector review. The BEPS team recommended qualitative improvement and restructuring of the basic education systems through the elementary level and increasingly at the secondary level; supporting efforts to improve access to education by addressing the needs of out-of-school children and youth; and establishing stronger linkages among schools, vocational training groups, and employers.

In follow-up to the BEPS-led review, USAID/India became increasingly involved in the education sector. A BEPS team returned to India in October 2002 and introduced Partnership for Education for All Children Equitably (PEACE). This activity aimed to build the capacity of Indian foundations, NGOs, and the educational sector to improve access to quality elementary education by vulnerable children, especially girls. A feasibility study for PEACE’s implementation was conducted in January 2003.


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