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Teacher Training Exercise

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Improving Human Resources Policies in Latin America
Latin America
September 2000 – February 2003

South America MapIn the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region, school enrollment has improved since the 1960s, but school efficiency remains a challenge. Most youth fail to acquire basic skills in mathematics, language, and science. The average student spends more than seven years in primary school, completing just four grades. Governments have been reconsidering their education policies in an effort to improve quality and efficiency. USAID’s LAC Bureau for Sustainable Development requested technical services from BEPS to strengthen the regional and country-specific capacities of Latin American and Caribbean countries in a broad range of emerging educational needs in basic education, many related to policy reform.

BEPS has assisted the LAC Bureau by providing professional services to achieve the overarching goal of improving the access, quality, equity, and efficiency of basic education in the LAC region, especially for underserved populations. BEPS also provided services to support the bureau’s goal of developing a broad base of leaders and potential leaders in LAC countries equipped with technical skills, training, and education.

Through a series of sub-activities, the BEPS team has:
conducted a review of the LAC team’s regional education strategy.

  • Evaluated the PREAL program (Programa de Promocion de la Reforma Educativa en America Latina, translated as Partnership for Educational Revitalization in the Americas) in four countries: Chile, Peru, Honduras, and Nicaragua.
  • assessed the accomplishments of the Falconbridge Foundation’s school sponsorship program in the Dominican Republic as a model public-private partnership effort in support of traditional public education.
  • conducted a follow-up activity to further assess the organization, level of support, and resources needed to replicate the Falconbridge School Sponsorship Program in the Dominican Republic.
  • conducted an educational assessment in the Dominican Republic.
    documented the proceedings of the First Hemispheric Conference on Indigenous Education, held in Guatemala City in 2001.
  • assisted in formulating a basic education strategy for USAID/El Salvador. Designed the Centers of Excellence for Teacher Training (CETT), a presidential initiative to upgrade teachers’ skills and improve reading instruction in Latin America and the Caribbean.
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