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National Education Accounts (NEA)
October 2004 – September 2005

Africa MapMorocco spends 25% of its overall budget on education, yet educational achievements remain low. More than 85% goes to salaries, leaving little to address the quality and relevance of education. The National Charter for Education and Training (the Charter, 1999), Morocco’s policy framework for education reform, emphasizes the need for universal, relevant and quality education and encourages the creation of partnerships to achieve education and training objectives in the 16 regions. Furthermore, the Charter specifically stipulates the need to develop National Education Accounts (NEA) to serve as a basis for annual reporting and budget requests.

In partnership with Abt Associates, BEPS has adapted the experience of National Health Accounts in Morocco to develop National Education Accounts (NEA) as a transparent and user-friendly tool for collecting and analyzing data on actual allocations and expenditures of resources (public, private, and donors) and linking those expenditures and allocation to system reforms. The NEA will provide a more detailed snapshot of resource usage, enable more evidence-policymaking in the education sector, and present an opportunity for greater harmonization of donor programs through the use of more standard set of tables, reports and indicators of performance. The project also aims to institutionalize the NEA in Morocco by building the capacity of Ministry of Education officials to understand and utilize the system. If the pilot proves successful, the NEA model may be expanded for use in other countries.

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