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Understanding Perspectives on Support for International Basic Education
World Wide
January – November 2002

World MapUSAID expressed a desire to increase its ability to form successful international development partnerships with public and private sector organizations. The agency recognized that public-private sector alliances are increasingly becoming necessary to meet complex development needs in a global society and that involving a broad community of stakeholders significantly contributes to the development of international basic education initiatives.

BEPS was engaged to provide insight on what public and private sector leaders think about international development priorities and how they make decisions related to support of international basic education programs. The BEPS team sought answers to these questions by interviewing key individuals in the policy and business communities and by compiling and analyzing the results.

The results of the study provided insight into how private sector leadership and diverse policy stakeholders conceptualize basic education, how it ranks among their priorities, whether they find it relevant to their interests, and what decision-making criteria they use in assessing whether to support basic education. The study's findings were summarized into a report and presentation and were then shared with key parties to maximize impact of the information gleaned.


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