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Assessing and Analyzing Complementary and Nonformal Education
July – September 2002

Africa MapUganda has committed to providing universal primary education to children within the formal and informal education system. A variety of alternative and/or nonformal programs have been established to provide education to those hardest to reach. Uganda’s efforts have targeted children in poverty stricken and unstable home environments, those in rural areas where schools are inaccessible, girls, and those who perceive few benefits in attending school.

BEPS was engaged to assist Uganda by estimating the cost of complementary basic education programs, and to help assess if they were to be expanded and incorporated into the government of Uganda’s universal primary education policy. Five alternative education programs were examined: Mumbende Nonformal Education; Complementary Opportunity for Primary Education (COPE); CHANCE; Alternative Basic Education for Karamoja (ABEK); and BEUPA. The BEPS assessment involved meetings with USAID staff, extensive research, site visits, and personal interviews with a number of stakeholders.

Alternative education program component costs were estimated and compared to formal system unit costs using eight different criteria: instructor salaries, teacher training, texts and learning materials, community development, supervision and monitoring, management, classrooms and land, and initial and start-up costs. Budgetary impact and student opportunity costs, as well as community benefits, were also identified and compared. The resulting projections of the BEPS assessment were then provided to the government of Uganda to guide the design of budgets that will best meet educational needs.


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