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Supporting Investment in Uganda’s Education Sector
March 2000 – April 2001

Uganda MapUSAID supports the implementation of the Government of Uganda’s education sector investment plan through semi-annual reviews of its educational programming. At each review, USAID and Uganda government representatives review progress on the conditionalities for receiving funds during the six months prior to the meeting and discuss government plans for meeting the conditionalities for receiving the next dispursement of funds.

BEPS was called upon to provide technical assistance for three sector investment reviews. The BEPS technical advisor assisted the Ministry in preparing for the review sessions, documented compliance with conditions for funding, drafted strategic and planning documents, and participated, on behalf of USAID, in the sector investment review sessions.

As a result, requirements for continuing USAID funding of education reform activities were completed and plans for upcoming activities were developed. BEPS technical assistance helped to consolidate and ensure the continuity of educational reforms undertaken by the Government of Uganda.

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