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Supporting Educational Quality and Policy Reform
July – September 2002

Africa MapIn 1992, USAID and the government of Uganda signed a bilateral agreement for the Support to Ugandan Primary Education Reform (SUPER) Project, a $110 million agreement for program and project aid to Uganda’s Ministry of Education and Sports. SUPER instituted the Teacher Development and Management System, an improved training system allowing every teacher in the country to receive training and access to a local Coordinating Center Tutor. Theses tutors circulate among schools, providing feedback and technical support. When the SUPER project ended in May 2000, USAID/Uganda sought technical assistance through the BEPS Activity to continue technical assistance to the Ministry of Education.

BEPS designed a comprehensive program to sustain, improve, and extend the Teacher Development and Management System, complete nationwide implementation, and promote better management of education through decentralization to the districts and sub-counties of Uganda. Since 2000, a long-term Education Policy and Institutional Advisor has supervised, monitored, and facilitated in-service training in 14 national primary teacher colleges. Since being reassigned to Uganda’s Primary Education Department in the fall of 2001, the advisor has continued to work with primary teacher colleges with a focus on education policy. She has additionally provided technical support for two bi-annual Education Sector Investment Program Reviews where donors determine whether conditions have been met for the release of additional funds for basic education.

The BEPS initiative has resulted in improved teacher training capability in Ugandan Primary Teacher Colleges, extensive training for Cooperating Center Tutors, and residential, in-service training for participating Ugandan teachers.


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