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How to Request Support: The Steps to BEPS

A diagram depicting the process of applying for BEPS support is also available.

1. USAID Technical Officer identifies need for technical support and/or assistance and BEPS is a possible mechanism through which to attain a response.

2. USAID missions or regional bureaus contact BEPS, either directly or via USAID Cognizant Technical Officer (CTO), to discuss the need/opportunity and to inquire about the appropriateness and feasibility of receiving technical support through the BEPS mechanism and a potential task order.

3. BEPS internally reviews and discusses the proposed need/opportunity within the BEPS technical and management team, and, in turn, with the USAID CTO.

4. Assuming an appropriate fit, BEPS responds positively to USAID, indicating an interest to pursue development of a potential task order.

5. USAID drafts Scope of Work (SOW) for BEPS.

6. USAID secures and obligates required funding via a Modified Acquisition and Assistance Request Document (MAARD).

7. Appropriate USAID Contracting Officer officially submits SOW to BEPS for review and requests a BEPS task order proposal.

8. BEPS reviews SOW and, if necessary, dialogues with USAID for any needed clarifications related to the SOW.

9. BEPS prepares a task order proposal, including budget, and submits to appropriate USAID Contracting Officer for review and approval.

10. USAID reviews proposal internally with appropriate Contracts Officer and Technical Officer.

11. If necessary, USAID and BEPS dialogue to negotiate a final proposal.

12. USAID issues a Task Order to BEPS for technical assistance.

13. BEPS reviews and signs Task Order, returning it to USAID.

14. USAID signs Task Order, returning a copy to BEPS.

15. BEPS implements task order.

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